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Software Patents: 2005 Cumulative Supplement (Second Edition) (Paperback)
by Gregory A. Stobbs

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The publisher, John Wiley & Sons

This outstanding resource describes what a software patent is and what legal protection it provides. Details how the software patent application should be drafted to maximize the likelihood of being granted a patent. Explains who holds software patents and for what inventions and how to protect the software invention in the global marketplace. Specific attention is paid regarding how to avoid the feared 101 rejection.

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Explores software patents in-depth, including the debate over whether the functional aspects of software, a technology that has permeated society, should be owned by anyone, or whether the unique aspects are the only parts that may be patented. Discusses whether the patent office can decide the issue. DLC: Computer programs-United States-Patents.

About the Author

Gregory A. Stobbs has practiced patent law for over twenty years, and holds degrees in electrical engineering, summa cum laude, and law from the Ohio State University. Mr. Stobbs practices intellectual property law and specializes in computer law, computer hardware, software patents, and litigation at Harness, Dickey & Pierce, based in Troy, Michigan, where he is a partner. He has spoken before national and state patent bar associations, including the American Intellectual Property Law Association.