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Cyberlaw Text and Cases (Hardcover)
by Gerald R. Ferrera, Stephen D. Lichtenstein, Margo E. K. Reder, Robert Bird, William T. Schiano

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Book Description

This exciting text assists aspiring business managers in recognizing the legal issues relevant to maintaining and doing business in an e-commerce world. It covers relevant legal issues, applicable court decisions, federal and state statutes, administrative rulings, legal literature, and ethical considerations relating to Internet law.

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(Thomson Learning) Contents include introduction to cyberspace, intellectual property issues in cyberspace, social issues in cyberspace, international issues in cyberspace, and more. DLC: Computer networks-Law and legislation.

From the Publisher

This new edition features:

  • Ethics: The Manager’s Checklist now discusses ethical ramifications as they relate to chapter content.
  • Global Issues: The material from the chapter on Global Issues is integrated throughout the text to better help the students understand the international implications of cyberlaw.
  • Antitrust and Licensing: To help students better understand some of the antitrust and licensing issue related to contracts, coverage has been added to chapter 6, On-Line Contracting and Licensing Agreements.
  • Patents and Trade Secrets: A new chapter (5) on patents and trade secrets has been added to the text.

The text also features:

  • Cyberlaw Cases: Each chapter offers three to four leading Cyberlaw cases.
  • Manager’s Checklists: At the end of each chapter, checklists help students remember the basic managerial points and ethical issues of the chapter subject matter.
  • Cases, Readings, Appendix, and Glossary: More than five mini-cases at the end of each chapter, suggested readings by outside professionals, an appendix containing relevant portions of statutes, and a glossary of Internet jargon also serve to support text content.

The Table of Contents includes:


1. E-Business and Cyberlaw.

2. Jurisdiction.


3. Trademarks.

4. Copyrights.

5. Business Methods Patents.


6. Online Contracting and Licensing Agreements.

7. Sales Tax in E-Commerce.

8. Online Security Offerings.


9. Privacy.

10. Obscenity.

11. Defamation.

12. Internet and Information Security.

13. Internet and Computer Crime.

About the Author

Professor Ferrera is an attorney and has been the chair of the Law Department at Bentley College for 17 years. He is also the past president of North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association and a former editor-in-chief of the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Review. His course in Cyberlaw was the first to be offered in business schools in the nation. He is also a legal consultant to professional organizations and business corporations.

A nationally recognized teacher and author, Professor Ferrera has led Bentley College’s effort to develop a national-model law curriculum incorporating the intersection of business law and information technology. He also has interests in cyberethics. He has been published in the American Journal of Jurisprudence, Pepperdine Law Review, American Business Law Journal, Cleveland State Law Review, Journal of Legal Studies Education, and Marquette Law Review and co-author of Business Law: Text and Cases and The Legal Environment of Business. In March 1999, he was appointed to the Gregory H. Adamian Professorship in Law, a newly established endowed chair. In August 1997, he received the Charles M. Hewitt Excellence in Teaching Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. He is also a research fellow at the Center for Business Ethics, Bentley College. The Academy of Legal Studies in Business honored him as recipient of the Ralph C. Hoeber Award, following publication of and article he wrote in the Journal of Legal Studies Education. At Bentley College, he has received the Adamian Award for Teaching Excellence, the Bentley Innovation in Teaching Award, and has been recognized as the Scholar of the Year.