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Need urgent legal advice from a criminal law defense attorney? Email us for online help 24 hours a day… Click “ASK OUR LAWYERS” above! This area of law also covers: Drug control law and Traffic (speeding) ticket law.

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Most people know that our inherited characteristics come from chromosomes and genes. Since the 1950s, science has also known that the chromosomes consist of self-replicating molecules known as deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, and that our genes consist of subsets of these very-large molecules. Now, as the end of the century rapidly approaches, we are on the verge of learning which genes result in which characteristics. While this knowledge promises untold rewards in the treatment of disease, agricultural production and an understanding of life itself, it is also being used as a means to uniquely identify individuals and to link individuals to criminal activities.

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I was arrested, but the officer didn’t have an arrest warrant. What gives?

A warrant is usually required when you’re taken into custody at your home, but not necessary elsewhere. If there is concern that you might flee, destroy evidence or harm someone else, you can be arrested at home even without a warrant.

Can you help me with questions involving Canadian criminal law?

We have top lawyers available 24 hours a day in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. Whatever your concern, we’re there to help!

I’ve been arrested. When do I get to make my call?

After being “booked,” you’ll be able to make local phone calls, generally up to three. “Booking” includes your arrest being written into official police records, being fingerprinted and photographed.
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