Book Title:

The Landlord’s Kit: A Complete Set of Ready-To-Use Forms, Letters, and Notices to Increase Profits, Take Control, and Eliminate the Hassle (Paperback)
by Jeffrey Taylor (Author)

Editorial Reviews:

Robert Bruss, Tribune Media Services

You’re going to profit from reading The Landlord’s Kit… This superb book rates a solid 10 [out of 10]”

Book Description

A proven toolkit from the nation’s #1 landlording coach.

For Rent. From the initial announcement to dealing with lease violations and property turnover, excellent landlord-tenant communications can mean the difference between making or losing money renting residential properties. The secret to taking control of any tenant situation and nearly eliminating headaches boils down to, “Get it in writing.”

The Landlord’s Kit contains more than 100 forms developed by landlording expert Jeffrey Taylor, who shares his 20-plus years of experience owning and managing residential properties and consulting with tens of thousands of landlords.

These tools, divided into five categories-application and verification; leasing; collection and violation; maintenance and management; and retention and turnover-will enable landlords to:

  • Verify key information about tenants at the outset of the relationship.
  • Keep properties in good shape-before, during, and after rental.
  • Collect money on time and deal effectively if problems occur.
  • Strengthen relationships with good tenants to reduce turnover.
  • Document all requirements for move-in and move-out.
  • Generate a strong and consistent monthly cash flow.

With myriad details to remember, these notices, letters, disclosure forms, agreements, and checklists are the best way to avoid costly tenant disputes while increasing the likelihood of achieving stellar financial success in the landlording business. The Landlord’s Kit is also a training manual for landlords on how to incorporate these forms into innovative marketing, business, and management concepts that will significantly increase profits and eliminate hassles.