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Property Management for Dummies (Paperback)
by Robert S. Griswold (Author)

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Book Description

You’ll need to wear many hats in the business of property management: advertiser/promoter (in seeking tenants), host (in showing your property), handyman (in keeping up with and arranging repairs), bookkeeper (in maintaining records), and even counselor (in dealing with tenants and their problems). But Property Management For Dummies will help you maintain your sense of humor – and your sanity – as you deal with these challenges and more.

You may become an unintentional property owner – someone who inherited a house from a relative and didn’t want it to sit idle, or someone who transferred to a job in another city and decided to rent your home rather than sell it – or you may have entered the world of property ownership intentionally. Either way, real estate offers one of the best opportunities to develop a steady stream of residual income.

Property Management For Dummies is organized by specific topic areas, so you can easily and quickly scan a topic that interests you, or you can troubleshoot the source of your latest major headache.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Evaluate your skills and personality to see whether you have what it takes to be a landlord
  • Keep your units occupied with paying tenants who don’t destroy your property
  • Move in your new tenants and move them out – and everything in between
  • Assemble the right team of professionals to help you, from employees to contractors
  • Insure your property and understand the taxes that go with it
  • Look for additional sources of income beyond rent, including the opportunities and pitfalls of lease options

While many of life’s lessons can be uncovered by trial and error, property management shouldn’t be one of them – the mistakes are too costly and the legal ramifications too severe. In this book, you’ll find proven strategies to make rental property ownership and management not only profitable but pleasant as well.

From the Publisher

(John Wiley & Sons) A easy-to-read, friendly guide to property management, for those with no experience whatsoever. Shows how to takeover rental properties, prepare the rental property for prospective tenants, advertise the property, thoroughly and legally screen tenants, moving in and moving out tenants, collecting and increasing the rent, tenant relations and retention, proper maintenance procedures including outside vendors, safety and security issues, fair housing issues, legal issues, accurate record keeping, taxes, and insurance, and other practical matters. Includes sample leases, rental agreements and many other excellent forms and letters for day-to-day use. Also, lots of great cartoons by Rich Tennant.

About the Author

Robert Griswold runs Griswold Real Estate Management, teaches at the Institute for Real Estate Management, hosts a San Diego real estate radio call-in show, and regularly appears on TV.