Book Title:

Job Discrimination: How to Fight…How to Win…Plus 2006 Supplement (Paperback)
by Jeffrey M. Bernbach (Author)

Editorial Reviews:

Library Journal

“Job Discrimination is concise, is full of interesting cases, and provides valuable how-to information.”

Gannett Suburban Newspapers

“A book your employer may not want you to read.”

Booklist, American Library Association

“Bernbach’s measured approach lays out clearly what actions should be taken…the steps and stages, from filing to settlement.”

Book Description

Job Discrimination II – How to Fight, How to Win, Plus 2006 Supplement is a straightforward user’s guide that gives workers the know-how and confidence to fight back against unlawful discrimination. Based on his thirty-five years experience as an employment discrimination attorney, Jeffrey Bernbach provides step-by-step instructions on when, where, and how to file a job discrimination claim.

Through actual case studies Bernbach deflates the myths and misconceptions surrounding job discrimination claims, while defining and explaining the laws protecting employees. The companion 2006 supplement examines the most recent major discrimination cases before the nations’ courts.


Bernbach’s measured approach lays out clearly what actions should be taken. Specializing in labor law with more than a quarter century’s experience, Bernbach devotes separate chapters to age discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, discrimination against the disabled, and discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin. Quite helpful are Bernbach’s advice on why and how to pursue an employment discrimination claim and his assurances regarding myths and misconceptions about filing. He also clearly explains each of the steps and stages in the process, from filing to settlement.

About the Author

Jeffrey M. Bernbach is an attorney specializing in employment discrimination law. He has served as legal advisor to the National Labor Relations Board, as a member of the New York State Governor’s Advisory Council on Employment and Unemployment Insurances, and as a member of the New York State Job Development Authority.