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How to Do Your Own Divorce in California (29th Edition): A Complete Kit for an Out-of-Court Divorce or Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership (Paperback)
by Ed Sherman (Author)

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Book Description

Attorneys seldom charge less than $2,000 even for a simple divorce, and the rates can skyrocket from there. This complete guide does all that an attorney does and more for $29.95. Newly updated, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California covers everything a Californian needs to know about filing for divorce.

Part one details how property can be divided and how to settle issues of custody, visitation and child support. Part two explains the court process step by step – how to complete each of the forms and file them with the court clerk; when to file each form; the waiting periods to expect between steps; and how to get through the court appearance or even avoid a court appearance altogether.

Blank tear-out copies of all the court forms needed for an uncontested dissolution are included, along with a CD-ROM containing many resources including forms, worksheets, and a trial version of CalSupport software.