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Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce (Divorce and Money) (Paperback)
by Dale Fetherling (Author), Violet Woodhouse (Author)

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When you’re going through divorce, you have to make an overwhelming number of financial decisions. Should you sell the house? What happens to retirement benefits? How will you handle taxes?

Full of sensitive and practical advice, Divorce & Money guides you through the process of making these important decisions. It covers how to:

  • decide whether to keep or sell the house
  • protect yourself against misuse of joint accounts and credit cards
  • avoid tax problems
  • handle alimony and child support
  • divide debts fairly
  • avoid hasty decisions that could hurt you financially
  • reduce risks to your investments
  • understand how a court evaluates assets and what they’re really worth
  • gain financial stability as a single person

The 8th edition includes all new information on divorce mediation and the different types of divorce advisors out there. It also provides updated and expanded tax information, plus a completely revised chapter on custody and support issues.

Anger and hurt tend to figure strongly in divorce, hand-in-hand with resentment, sadness, and fear about your future. And more often than not, these emotional woes all coalesce under the banner of money.

Nolo Press is known for its thorough research and user-friendly approach to legal matters, and its book on Divorce and Money is up to its usual high standards of quality. “Think financially-act legally,” the folks at Nolo say, and they explain how to do so, in detailed and practical terms, for joint accounts and hidden assets, gifts and insurance, alimony and retirement benefits, marital property and the IRS, net worth and what to do about the house.

They also discuss where to seek professional help, how to keep proper records and assemble the facts, why the financial issues are so sticky, in what ways you’re at risk, and how to reduce the stress and avoid the bad scenes, when possible.

A life-saver of a reference book for when you’re at your most vulnerable and disorganized, Divorce & Money offers practical and proactive advice to help you protect yourself and safeguard your financial future. – Stephanie Gold

Steve Crowley, host of Your Money Report and author of Money For Life

Divorce & Money is precisely the right book to read to keep your property, your rights, plus your sanity.

Los Angeles Times

This guide should be an essential purchase for anyone contemplating a split.


Organized like a workbook and written like an advice manual. It reduces the financial complications of divorce into comprehensible strategies.

About the Author

Violet P. Woodhouse, noted author, lecturer, seminar presenter and consultant to the media in the areas of family law and personal finance, is a foremost authority on the financial and tax aspects of divorce. A practicing family law attorney as well as a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor, she pioneered the development of financial analysis of property settlements for financial planners, and often acts as a consultant to divorcing spouses and their mediator during mediation.

Dale Fetherling has written, edited or co-authored more than a dozen nonfiction books. He’s the former editor of the Los Angeles Times & San Diego County Edition and has taught writing and editing at four colleges and universities.