Pajamanation: Home business getting easier

Eventually the micro-economy will become a viable alternative for the brick-and-mortar corporations that traditionally undertake more complex jobs.

Conventional forms of centralized, life-long employment are obsolete. And as developing nations leapfrog from agricultural/early industrial to electronic economies, people will start one-person businesses from their homes. Those that have decent ip service will be connected into a global market without leaving their homes. While nearly everyone will become entrepreneurs out of necessity, others make a conscious decision to increase the freedom and quality of their lives by setting up a home business.

About Pajamanation’s Web

Pajamanation or “PJN” is the global web-based marketplace which targets potential users working from home in 50 countries, who specialize in 150 professional categories.

There are over 100 categories in which jobs are listed.

PJN and Microjobs

PJN is a reverse auction site connecting micropreneurs and micro-workers for microjobs.

Microjobs are small project jobs that usually take less than a week. Payment is directly invoiced by the homeworkers themselves who have subscribed to Pajamanation.

Pajamanation’s project vision

One day, we had a vision. A guy is sitting at home in his pajamas. Yesterday he was fired, but he had seen it coming. Today he is alone, sitting before his computer. But he is not unhappy. He is smiling because he is looking at the welcoming PajamaNation screen. He is now one of us. His boss has not fired him – he has fired his boss. He has a dream of happiness and financial independence. He leaves his desk and goes into the kitchen where his wife and kids are having breakfast before going to work and school and they smile at him. This is his team. He goes back into his home office with a fresh cup of coffee and checks out the jobs in the market. He bids on a microjob in South Korea. Somebody wants to find out if there are subsidies for South Korean companies moving sales offices to Brussels. He is living in Brussels. He can do that. He makes a bid. One hour later, he gets the microjob. He smiles, his first microjob. That is what we were aiming for: a post-industrial smile. PajamaNation must make people smile.

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