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Every Employee’s Guide to the Law (Paperback)
by Lewin G. Joel III

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A valuable resource covering the legal ramifications of all aspects of employment focuses on those employee rights guaranteed by law, discussing the hiring process, wages and hours, health and safety, discrimination and harassment, privacy, fringe benefits, discipline, and compensation. 15,000 first printing.

Book Description

The indispensable legal handbook– for anyone looking for a job, holding a job, or leaving a job–has now been substantially revised and updated to include new laws and regulations. Whether you work in an office, a factory, or a small business, Every Employee’s Guide to the Law presents valuable information about such issues as:

  • The interview: what questions can and can’t be asked
  • Discrimination: up-to-date revisions to laws dealing with race, sex, age, handicap, national origin, and religion
  • Sexual harassment: how to define it and how to document it
  • E-mail: how your right to privacy is affected

Concise, comprehensive, and completely accessible, Every Employee’s Guide to the Law explains everything you need to know.

From Library Journal

This work of popular legal reference is similar in approach to Dan Lacey’s Your Rights in the Workplace. Like Lacey, labor lawyer Joel presents an employee’s legal rights from the initial mating dance of the job interview to, as increasingly occurs, a messy divorce at termination. Joel sees a worker’s best defense as a good offense: he suggests we each start compiling a “personal personnel file” from the moment we spot a seductive want ad, maintaining this paper trail to counter our bosses’ documentation should the need arise.

In a downright chatty style, Joel discusses over 100 strictures governing hours, wages, working conditions, discrimination, and related issues. He provides fuller coverage than Lacey of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Joel also untangles the labyrinth of workers’ compensation rules, and aging baby boomers will appreciate his coverage of the age-discrimination law that protects the “Over Forties.”

A robust glossary, summaries of key legislation, and examples of real-life employment conflicts conclude the book. Recommended to libraries serving the legal research needs of the public. – Michael Stevenson, Harvard Business Sch. Lib. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.