Book Title:

Doing Business in the New China: A Handbook and Guide (Hardcover)
by Birgit Zinzius (Author)

Editorial Reviews:


“This handbook provides a thorough overview of conducting business in China and will be a valuable resource for managers, investors, and consultants as well as academics and advanced students. Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections.”-Choice

“This book provides a detailed picture of today’s China as it actually is, based on fact and experience. It shows why going into the Chinese market is not only important, but a success-oriented move, and it explains why one should not wait for political or humanitarian changes, which may not occur in the way the West is expecting. It is a handbook for investors, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and specialists.”-Abstracts of Public Administration, Development and Environment.

Book Description

China’s economy, despite recently weathered challenges, continues to prove attractive to foreign investors, expanding businesses, and entrepreneurs seeking global opportunities. This handbook has been written for anyone with an interest in doing business in China, including the consultants and specialists who work with global companies, but it is far more than an introduction to the Chinese market. Combining a deep knowledge of Chinese culture with her recent experience and continuing work with managers who do business in this sleeping economic superpower, the author brings to bear a thorough analysis of subtle nuances in the Chinese market, making this book appropriate even for long-time China investors.

About the Author

BIRGIT ZINZIUS is a leading international consultant on business and management in Asia, especially China, where she lived and teached for several years. She is the founder and Managing Director of the Seminar for Intercultural Communication and International Management, and has published various books about China, its business and culture.