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Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Books) (Paperback)
by Edward J. Priz (Author)

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Book Description
A strategic guide that arms business owners with ways to escape the growing cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance adds up to a huge, yet unavoidable, expense for businesses of all sizes. Edward J. Priz has discovered and reclaimed more than $10 million of workers’ compensation overcharges for his clients, and now he offers the same professional advice to his readers.

This easy-to-understand guide:

  • Enables readers to spot mistakes and stand up to insurance companies
  • Translates complicated technical concepts and industry jargon into simple English
  • Offers a concise explanation of industry practices that directly affect the costs of insurance, with insight on how to make sure a coverage plan is set up accurately
  • Provides detailed information about each state’s unique rules and regulations, and explains how coverage plans differ

Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides a behind-the-scenes look at this complicated issue and puts control back into the hands of business owners. Its countless money-saving tactics could save many small businesses from having to shut their doors.

From the Back Cover

Workers’ compensation insurance – in plain English!

State-mandated workers’ compensation insurance is soaring to unaffordable heights with countless confusing rules and regulations. But at last, there is a guiding light to help you sort through the legalese and find ways to cut your costs.

Author Edward J. Priz has reclaimed more than ten million dollars of workers’ compensation overcharges for his clients. Priz now reveals money-saving tactics as he explains the confusing aspects of workers’ compensation insurance in layman’s terms.

Cut costs now by:

  • Understanding your policy and what it covers
  • Knowing how premiums are calculated
  • Comprehending the classification system
  • Staying on top of each state’s unique regulations
  • Controlling the audit process
  • Evaluating agents and insurers, then selecting the best one for you
  • Considering alternative approaches to traditional insurance

In today’s turbulent economic environment, every dollar counts. This guide equips you with the most up-to-date strategies to keep your business afloat as you get out from under the ever-growing cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

About the Author

Edward J. Priz (Riverside, IL) has worked in the insurance industry since 1976, as an insurance agent, consultant, and expert witness. Currently, he heads Advanced Insurance Management, an insurance consulting company that works with employers nationwide to identify and correct workers’ compensation insurance overcharges.