Book Title:

Workers’ Compensation 101 (Paperback)
by Michael L. Douglas (Author), Tahlia Day (Editor)

Editorial Reviews:

Tim Rollinger

“The book is revolutionary, it’s easy to read and puts in clear terms that anyone can understand.”

Book Description

A great source of information on workers’ compensation, created for the injured worker.

This book contains over 150 pages of important information about workers’ compensation, every injured worker should know. The book tells you everything from how to deal with comp doctors and rehabilitation specialist, to information on private investigator and things to watch out for.

Here are some issues the book addresses:

  • Workers’ compensation seams to be in place to protect the employer, not the employee.
  • What you should know in general about workers’ compensation.
  • The laws governing workers’ compensation.
  • How to choose an attorney.
  • Dealing with your assigned doctor and rehabilitation counselor.
  • An interview with a private investigator and the steps he takes to get injured workers off workers’ compensation.
  • Hear from others on workers’ compensation and their experiences.