Unleash the fund raising power of the Internet for your non-profit enterprise by registering to solicit in all 50 states.

A major disincentive to taking full advantage of on-line solicitation opportunities, is the apprehension that many non profit organizations have about the difficult, time-consuming task of registering to solicit in all 50 states.

WORLD Law Direct makes it easy for your non profit organization to harness the power of the Internet through our QUICKREG SYSTEM. You fill out one simple form and we do the rest! Once your application to solicit in all fifty states has been received by each state, our staff of professionals at WORLD Law Direct will be there to help with any issues that may arise with each state.


Even the smallest non-profit organizations today can have an immediate national presence through their websites. Increasingly, non profits are using the Internet as a valuable fund raising tool. However, as the popularity rises of using the Internet for fund raising so does the potential for many non profits to not be in compliance with state by state regulations guiding fund raising. Should your non-profit organization be registered to solicit in all 50 states?

  • Do you occasionally receive gifts from outside of the state where you are currently registered to solicit?
  • Do you anticipate upgrading your web site to accommodate donors making gifts easily to your non profit organization through the web site?
  • Do you anticipate reaching out to current donors and soliciting prospective donors outside of your state through the Internet?

If the answer is “yes” to these questions, your non profit organization should consider registering to solicit in all 50 states. Compliance with state by state regulations is an important first step for all non profit organizations contemplating using the Internet for fund raising.

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