Book Title:

U.S. Immigration Made Easy (Paperback)
by Ilona M. Bray (Author)

Editorial Reviews:

United States Information Agency

Highly recommended… Instructive and explanatory.

Irish Echo

Well worth the investment. Considerably less than what one would pay for an hour’s consultation with a lawyer.

India Worldwide

It is user-friendly and doesn’t intimidate like some lawyers.

Asian Week

A new option… Save $500 to $8000 in legal fees.

Book Description

Ready to move to the USA? Here’s the insider’s guide you need!
U.S. Immigration Made Easy covers every possible way to legally enter and live in the United States. The author explains how the immigration system really works, showing you how to qualify for:

  • work visas
  • student visas
  • refugee status
  • green cards
  • citizenship
  • and more

Step-by-step instructions show how to fill out and file forms and how to approach the enormous USCIS bureaucracy.

Thoroughly updated and revised, the 12th edition covers the latest legislation, and provides new information to help you understand your rights and protect your applications from bureaucratic hassles. It also shows you where to find the most up-to-date forms you need on the Internet.

About the Author

Ms. Bray is an author and legal editor at Nolo. Her specialties include real estate, immigration law, and nonprofit fundraising. Ms. Bray also edits a number of Nolo’s small business and small claims court books. Ms. Bray’s working background includes solo practice, nonprofit, and corporate stints, as well as long periods of volunteering, including an internship at Amnesty International’s main legal office in London. She received her law degree and a Masters degree in East Asian (Chinese) Studies from the University of Washington. When she’s not at work she enjoys hiking the East Bay hills, attempting to cook Asian noodle dishes, and going to open houses.