Our U.S., British and Chinese attorneys in China are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

WORLDLawDirect is moving trade online!

You pick the product you need; we do the rest! Within 72 hours we locate four sources within China for your product. You’ll also get price quotes, contact addresses and phones, firm histories and answers to any other questions you may have; we’ll even make your calls and send your faxes for free. Need an office during your trip to China? It’s done… Your time is valuable and we simplify everything.

Major orders? Societe General de Surveillance, the world’s largest third-party quality assurance company, gives its seal of approval to the Chinese firm. Dun and Bradstreet vouches for its creditworthiness. BAX Global and Panalpina cover the logistical problems, while AIG handles insurance. And Bank of America and the Commercial Bank of San Francisco provide letters of credit. Legal issues are included.

But e-commerce has to have a personal side…One of our staff is assigned to your matter within 24 hours after you contact us, and a second business counselor serves as your second representative. We retain the counselor from our staff or one of 12 of the leading American law firms in China-it’s your choice. Only internationally-recognized law firms are included on our counselor list-so you never have to worry about anything!

Act now! The online China trading market is growing quickly. Just 5% of China’s trade is $15 billion in volume. Traditional trading companies mark up products by five to ten times, so it’s easy to see the potential for low-cost e-commerce alternatives like WORLDLawDirect.

We’ll help you build your bridge to China-online. Contact us and join us in exploring one of the world’s most exciting new markets!

Selling to China? Let us review your product offering-we can help!

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