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The Employee Rights Handbook: The Essential Guide for People on the Job (Paperback)
by Steven Mitchell Sack

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For Everyone – Workers, Managers, Employers – and You!
(Revised and Updated)

The one book you should keep in your top desk drawer!

Everyone knows what it means to have a job, but few of us know that every aspect of the workplace is covered by a complex, ever-changing set of laws, and that employees have more legal rights than most know.

In The Employee Rights Handbook, nationally known radio host and workplace attorney Steven Sack gives you all the information you need to protect yourself and thrive in your job, and to fight back if you are illegally fired. He answers the questions employers don’t want you to ask, including:

  • My employer wants to fire me and hire a younger person at lower pay. Is that legal?
  • I was “downsized” two weeks before I was supposed to get my annual bonus. Am I entitled to that money?
  • My child has come down with a debilitating disease. Does the Family and Medical Leave Act protect me if I take time off to care for her?
  • My former employer wrote an untrue, negative evaluation that is hurting my chances for a new job. What can I do?
  • I need to find a lawyer to help me fight an illegal firing. How do I choose one and how much is it going to cost?

Helping you to save time and money, this guide also includes sample letters and other documents that you can copy and use, negotiation strategies, important information on discrimination and sexual harassment, and a special section for commissioned sales reps.

From Library Journal

What options do employees have when faced with abuses and unfair practices by their employers? To help employees know their rights, Sack (Getting Fired), an attorney and radio host, has revised his 1992 book of the same title to reflect new laws and decisions.

His new handbook advises employees on what to do when faced with illegal interview questions, sexual harassment, discrimination, illegal firings and layoffs, and defamatory job references.

Practical advice is provided for when and how to hire an attorney, negotiating a job, writing a letter of protest regarding illegal interview questions, and writing a letter demanding a written explanation for discharge. Sample letters and agreements are provided, as is a glossary of terms and a directory of American Arbitration Regional Offices, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission field offices, and State Human Rights Commissions.

Stack stresses the importance of consultation with experienced counsel regarding applications of the strategies described. – Lucy Heckman, St. John’s Univ. Lib., Jamaica, NY Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Provides information on employee rights, including sample letters and documents, negotiation strategies, information on discrimination, and sexual harassment, and a special section for commissioned employees and sales representatives. Softcover. DLC: Employee rights – United States Popular works.