Book Title:

The Chinese Tao of Business: The Logic of Successful Business Strategy (Paperback)
by George T. Haley (Author), Usha C.V. Haley (Author), Chin Tiong Tan (Author)

Editorial Reviews:

Wall Street Journal, November 26, 2004

Intriguing…exhaustive [guide] to the minefield of making money in China…numerous helpful examples profiling foreign companies that have survived.

Book Description

How can managers discover, develop and implement successful business strategies for China and our global economy? Drawing on in-depth research with top executives of successful Chinese and Western companies, this book provides a road map for profitable business strategies in our interconnected economy. In the process, the authors describe and examine both Chinese and Western strategic management, their weaknesses and strengths. Starting with an analysis of the historical, cultural and legal antecedents of Chinese strategy, the authors identify potential for synergy and dominance between companies from Western, industrialized economies and Chinese companies. The book closes with recommendations on how the managements of non-Chinese companies, now pouring into China, can most effectively compete and interact with Chinese business persons and governments.

The Chinese Tao of Business offers guidance to compete successfully against local companies and in foreign markets through:

  • Unique insights into Chinese business strategy, including its origins and influencing factors;
  • Insightful perspectives on the evolution of China’s market and business environments;
  • Incisive analysis of Eastern and Western strategic decision-making styles and how they differ;
  • Cogent identification of hidden and overt threats, pitfalls and opportunities that Western companies face in China and how to plan for them;
  • Effective direction through an Adaptive-Action Road Map (ARM) for successful business strategies in China and the global economy.

About the Author

George T. Haley (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of New Haven in the USA. Active in managerial development, he is a public speaker and consultant for corporate executives and government policy-makers worldwide, offering his expertise on Asian and other emerging economies, technology management and B2B marketing. An award-winning author, he has published more than 90 books, journals articles and research papers and can be contacted at or tel/fax 212-208-2468.

Usha C. V. Haley (PhD, New York University) is Professor of Management at the University of New Haven in the USA . She consults on strategic management and foreign direct investment with several corporations worldwide, and her research has been profiled extensively in the major business media such as the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. She has published more than 90 journal and research articles and 6 books on international and Asian business issues. She can be contacted at or tel/fax 212-208-2468.

Chin Tiong Tan (PhD, Pennsylvania State University) is the Provost of Singapore Management University in Singapore. A business advisor and consultant, and active in management development, Professor Tan has worked with companies like Singapore Airlines, Standard Chartered Bank, Swiss Bank Corporation, Inchcape, and Motorola. He is on the Board of Directors of several listed companies and has published more than 60 journal papers and co-authored many books.