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Taxes 2007 For Dummies (Taxes for Dummies) (Paperback)
by Eric M.B.A. Tyson (Author), Margaret A. Munro (Author), David J. Silverman (Author)

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Book Description

Perfect tax guidance for first-time and last-minute filers alike.

Completely revised for tax year 2006, Taxes For Dummies 2007 is the only tax guide on the market that walks readers line by line through the most common tax forms, including the dreaded Schedule D. Filled with helpful tips and strategies for getting through the process of filing income tax returns accurately and on time, this book is aimed at individuals who want to do their own taxes without hiring a preparer. Financial expert and bestselling For Dummies author Eric Tyson teams up with tax experts David Silverman and Margaret Munro to answer the most frequently asked tax questions in plain English, taking the mystery and frustration out of the filing process. They also explain the process for tax audits and provide quick tips for money-saving end-of-year tax moves. This easy-to-use guide helps readers understand all the tax law changes for the 2006 tax year and includes complete line-by-line analyses that are particularly useful for people using tax preparation software such at TurboTax.

About the Author

Eric Tyson (Westport, CT) is a nationally recognized personal finance counselor, as well as the author of Personal Finance For Dummies, Investing For Dummies, and Mutual Funds For Dummies. Margaret A. Munro (Montpelier, VT) is a tax consultant/advisor and a writer, an enrolled agent, author of 529 and Other College Savings Plans For Dummies, and a lecturer with more than a quarter-century of experience in finance and taxation. David J. Silverman (New York, NY) has more than a quarter-century of experience as an enrolled agent, helping clients with their tax preparations and representing them for tax audits. He is also the author of Battling the IRS.