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What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business: Real-Life Start-Up Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs (Paperback)
by Jan Norman (Author)

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Book Description

Starting a business involves inevitable ups and downs, for first-time as well as experienced entrepreneurs. This updated, expanded edition by Jan Norman, one of the nation’s foremost small business authorities, guides readers through every stage of business start-up, from planning to marketing.

What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business is designed for people who are launching a business, whether they be first-time entrepreneurs or people who have been tripped up by the start-up process before and want to do it right this time. Using the real-life experiences of 101 successful business owners, Norman combines practical, straightforward how-to advice with interesting and memorable narratives. The updated second edition includes:

  • Thirty new start-up stories from successful entrepreneurs
  • All-new advice about how to make maximum use of the Internet
  • An expanded resources section with helpful information about start-up assistance
  • Detailed how-to tips about writing business plans, selecting the right business, what financial records to keep, and more

The eye-opening lessons from successful business owners who learned the hard way are akin to hiring a personal entrepreneurial coach to point out potential roadblocks in advance.

From the Back Cover

Using more than 100 interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs, author Jan Norman guides you through every stage of business start-up from planning to marketing and provides eye-opening lessons from successful business owners who’ve learned the hard way. It’s like hiring a personal entrepreneurial coach to point out the roadblocks before you hit them! “What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business” provides practical advice on the real issues that trip up the most sure-footed entrepreneur.

“This book is a virtual encyclopedia of gritty, practical start-up advice from over 100 real-life entrepreneurs who have been there, done that.’ Highly recommended.” (Fred Thomas, national president, SCORE Association)

“Jan Norman delivers immediate benefits to every reader. The 101 lessons learned in the trenches by these real entrepreneurs will enable new and existing business owners to make and implement better organizational, marketing, and financial decisions for their companies.” (Linda Pinson, author, “Anatomy of a Business Plan” and “Automate Your Business Plan”)

“No dream-world theories concocted by so-called experts; just the real-life experiences of entrepreneurs like yourself. With this book, you’ll get a huge headstart when you set up your own business. Highly recommended!” (Fred S. Steingold, business lawyer and author of “Legal Guide for Starting and Running Your Own Business”)

About the Author

Jan Norman’s weekly newspaper column, It’s Your Business, explores real-life solutions to problems business owners encounter when launching and running their companies. She has produced more than 900 columns for the Orange County Register, and her work is syndicated internationally by the Knight Ridder/ Tribune News Service.