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Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide (Paperback)
by Bruce R. Hopkins

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Whether you are a nonprofit novice or the director of an established organization, this must-have guide to nonprofit law contains all the information you need to succeed, thrive, and protect your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status. This practical reference offers you information on virtually every legal aspect of starting and operating a nonprofit organization-from receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status to tips for successful management practices.

Completely revised and expanded, the fourth edition features updated information on changes in law, rules, and regulations governing the nonprofit sector, and provides you with clear information on corporate, tax, and fundraising laws.

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Legal advice and guidelines for those beginning a new nonprofit organization. Covers all of the rules and regulations that govern nonprofits, including taxes, fundraising law applications and implications, rules of reporting revenue, employee compensation, and lobbying. Features a glossary of important legal terms.

About the Author

BRUCE R. HOPKINS is the country’s leading authority on tax-exempt organizations and is a lawyer with the firm Polsinelli, Shalton & Welte, PC. He is also the author of fifteen books, including The Law of Intermediate Sanctions; The Legal Answer Book for Private Foundations; The First and Second Legal Answer Book for Nonprofit Organizations; The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, Eighth Edition; Private Foundations: Tax Law and Compliance, Second Edition; and The Tax Law of Charitable Giving, Third Edition, as well as the newsletter Bruce R. Hopkins’ Nonprofit Counsel, all published by Wiley.