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Starting an Online Business (For Dummies) (4th Edition) (Paperback)
by Greg Holden

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Book Description

So you want to own your own business, be your own boss, set your own hours, and make real money. If you’re comfortable with computers and have a marketable idea, service, or product, this guide will help you become an ontrepreneur (online entrepreneur).

It covers everything you need to know to set up shop in cyberspace. You’ll find out about using established storefronts as a shortcut (sort of like setting up shop in a huge, established cybermall) or building your own Web site from scratch. You’ll explore:

  • Doing research, defining your niche and target market, and putting it together in a practical business plan
  • Getting the hardware and software you’ll need to get going
  • Creating your own Web site with good organization, useful content, and eye-catching design, including ten must-have features and info on clip art and photos
  • Selecting a Web hosting service (with info on free Web site homesteading)
  • Setting up for handling business online, including building in security, accepting charge cards, creating shopping carts, and more
  • Managing your goods and services, including sourcing goods, handling returns, adding shipping fees, and maintaining inventory
  • Taking advantage of successful online business models, including storefronts such as, Yahoo!, CafePress, PayPal, or Microsoft that already have all the tools and systems, plus great traffic
  • Running a business on eBay
  • Marketing your business and the secrets to search engine success
  • Keeping good business records and staying on the right side of the law, including everything from trademarks, copyrights, and licensing to taxes, with info on accounting tools and software

Written by e-biz whiz Greg Holden, Starting an Online Business For Dummies, Fourth Edition has all kinds of case studies of successful cyber businesses, including a woman who sells her own insect repellent, a mapmaker, a housewife who sells sweetener and coffee on eBay, a sculptor and painter, and more.

Packed with inspiration and information, it includes:

  • Lots of Web sites that will give you good ideas
  • A companion Web site that includes an online directory of Internet business resources
  • A list of legal and business requirements

Get going, and build a booming business right at home. The only people you’ll have to take orders from are customers, and those are the kind of orders you’ll like!

Book Info

Discusses how to incorporate the latest innovations in marketing and technology, how to develop a business model, select an online host, understand Web server and software basics, and market your site aggressively.

From the Back Cover

Begin and build a booming business right at home!

Establish your online presence, make money on eBay, and find the secrets to search engine success.

How’d you like your morning commute to be a short walk in your bedroom slippers? The market for online businesses is better than ever, and here’s the place to start. Identify your market, choose a Web hosting service, lock down security, promote your business, stay on the right side of the law, run a business on eBay, work with affiliates and middlemen – and love what you’re doing!

Discover how to:

  • Draw up a cyberbusiness plan
  • Select and acquire equipment and inventory
  • Accept credit card payment
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Set up Amazon, Yahoo!, and other storefronts

About the Author

Greg Holden is the founder of Stylus Media, which creates Web pages for small businesses. An eBay PowerUser, he has authored more than 25 books and numerous magazine articles.