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Start Your own E-Business (Paperback)
by Robert McGarvey, Melissa Campanelli, Entrepreneur Press

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From the Back Cover

Reach Millions of People Online!

The Internet has changed how business is done. It has created a whole new world of search engines, web hosts, venture capital funding, business-to-business e-commerce and tech-savvy customers. At the same time, it has leveled the playing field, making it possible for small businesses to compete against established companies and strike it big. The reality byte is that e-business entrepreneurs can make more profit than ever before-if they have the right knowledge.

Start Your Own e-Business provides that knowledge, enabling you to compete on a whole new level. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the web and the technical skills necessary to excel, you’ll learn how to skillfully navigate your way through this virtual university of opportunity.

Let this guide lead the way, as it:

  • Reveals secrets for growing bigger, faster by finding a niche, getting funding, building partnerships and tapping international markets
  • Highlights pointers, pitfalls and words of wisdom from successful pioneers, CEOs of name-brand sites and small dotcom builders
  • Offers a complete course on website building, from getting started on a shoestring budget to using advanced techniques sure to attract attention

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to survive and thrive on the web. Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have harnessed the power of the Internet to reach millions of people worldwide, compete with the big guys and grow a successful business. This guide and a solid business idea are all you need to succeed.

About the Author

McGarvey is the high-tech columnist for Entrepreneur and Home Office.

Melissa Campanelli is a leading expert in small business e-tailing. She writes a monthly e-business column for Entrepreneur magazine,”Net Profits,” is the author of Start Your Own e-Business, and is a senior editor at DM News.