If you are managing a non-profit organization, you have exposures to certain types of risks that regular business entities do not experience. Even though you may feel pressured to hold the line on costs, you need to consider a number of issues that are not automatically covered by core insurance and risk management services. Some of them include:

Professional Liability

If you employ medical professionals and/or counselors, social workers or others, you are exposed to liability issues that can extend for years beyond the time your organization worked with the claimant. Do you have adequate coverage?

Directors and Officers Liability

Are the volunteer trustees for your organization protected financially if someone sues your organization?


If you have special vehicles or equipment used to transport your agency’s clients, or utilize volunteers to do so in their own vehicles, do you have the proper coverages and risk management procedures in place?

Special Facilities

Do you have gymnasiums, swimming or therapy pools, camps, a daycare center, workshops or other types of special facilities? Each of these has its own inherent risks and requires special coverage and risk management procedures.

Special Events

If you hold special events or fundraisers, do you always check with your insurance agent to make sure the type of activities being conducted are covered under your standard policy? Many types of one-time events have special risks that require protection through a special event policy.

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