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Breaking into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide to Exporting

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Trade Library provides information and resources to assist your business in entering and competing in the global marketplace.

The SBA Trade Library provides information to prospective small-business exporters on the following topics:

  • International Trade and Your Small Business – Transcript from Live Web Chat
  • Financiamiento Comercial para Pequenas Empresas (en espanol)
  • Breaking into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide to Exporting
  • Export Working Capital Program: Description
  • Export Working Capital Program: Loan Application
  • Export Working Capital Program: Frequently Asked Questions
  • SBA and Ex-Im Bank Co-Guarantee Program: Description
  • SBA and Ex-Im Bank Co-Guarantee Program: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bankable Deals
  • Export Financing for Small Businesses
  • U.S. Export Assistance Centers: Your Partners in Exporting
  • Teaming Up for Global Competitiveness: Community Banks, Trade Credit Insurers and SBA
  • Ex-Im bank, SBA Broaden co-guarantee program to help small business obtain larger working capital loans
  • How the SBA Helps Small Exporters

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No small business contemplating entering the export for market for the first time can afford NOT to read the SBA publication entitled Breaking into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide to Exporting. This is a must-read 133-page primer, produced by the U.S. Small Business Administration, for the specific pupose of teaching small businesses the ABCs of exporting.

1. Credits
2. Introduction
3. Overview
4. PART I: Becoming An Export Success Story
5. CHAPTER 1: Making the Export Decision
6. International Business Plan
7. CHAPTER 2: Identifying International Markets
8. CHAPTER 3: Foreign Market Entry
9. CHAPTER 4: The Export Transaction
10. CHAPTER 5: Export Financing
11. CHAPTER 6: Transporting Goods Internationally
12. CHAPTER 7: Strategic Alliances and Foreign Investment Opportunities
13. PART II: The Exporter’s Directory / SEC. 1:SBA
14. U.S. Department of Commerce
15. SECTION 2: Small Business Development Centers
16. SECTION 3: International Trade Contacts in Other Fed. Agencies
17. SECTION 4: State Government International Trade Resources
18. SECTION 5: Foreign Embassies in the United States
19. SECTION 6: Multilateral Development Organizations
20. SECTION 7: American Chambers of Commerce
21. Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the United States
22. International Trade Organizations
23. SECTION 8: Publications and Information Sources
24. SECTION 9: International Calling Codes
25. SECTION 10: Glossary of Terms
26. Entire Document

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