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Diodoro roulette systems

I research and develop statistics based systems for French Roulette (one zero wheel) and American Roulette (double zero wheel).
All my roulette systems are based on the enforcement of the Law of the Third. Mine is a high technical research, oriented to collectors and professional roulette gamblers. People looking for minor systems, can find on internet a width range of offers by minor researchers.

According to the Law of the third, in a cycle of 39 spins, only 24 numbers will be drawn (2/3) while the others 13 numbers (the remaining 1/3) will not.

I am a statistics researcher in Pescara (Italy).

I studied roulette systems since 1981. My studies and systems on roulette are well-known in the world. I write every month for “Il Sistemista” (Mondadori distribution) and “L’En Plein” (Eurostampa distribution), both published in Italy.

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Alessandro Diodoro,
Via Bastioni, 53,
65128 Pescara ( ITALY ),
Fax ++39-02-700425230,

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