Book Title:

Plan Your Estate 8th Edition (Paperback)
by Denis Clifford (Author), Cora Jordan (Author)

Editorial Reviews:

Book Description

The most comprehensive – yet easy to read – guide to estate planning on the market!

Plan Your Estate covers everything from the basics of wills and living trusts to sophisticated tax-saving strategies. The authors give you straightforward, plain-English explanations of every significant estate-planning option available, so you can make the best decisions for you and those you love.

The book covers:

* wills

* probate and how to avoid it

* living trusts

* property-control trusts

* naming guardians for children

* leaving property to children

* estate taxes and how to reduce them

* living wills (health care directives)

* financial powers of attorney

* final arrangements

* strategies for business owners

* and much more.

The 8th edition is completely updated with the latest federal and state laws, and now covers ethical wills – a new way to pass on values, beliefs and important personal experiences. Good for all states except Louisiana.

Washington Times

“Probably one of the most comprehensive estate-planning books available to mature adults.”

U.S. News & World Report

“How to protect your family and make an orderly exit even if your estate is small.”

Library Journal

“If Clifford’s Estate Planning Basics was the appetizer, this is the main course.”

The New York Times

REVIEW: “An excellent source of information on wills and estate planning.”

The Wall Street Journal

“An exhaustive guide, explaining everything from simple wills to complex trusts. Particularly helpful how estate plans can benefit various individuals and families.”

Money Magazine

“Following Clifford’s advice in this laymen’s guide can save your heirs a bundle.”

About the Author

Denis Clifford, a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was an editor of The Law Review, is a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. He is the author of many Nolo titles including Quick and Legal Will Book, Nolo’s Simple Will Book and Make Your Own Living Trust and co-author of Plan Your Estate and A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples. He has been interviewed by such major media as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Money Magazine.

Cora Miner Jordan earned her law degree at the University of Mississippi. A trained mediator, she is the author of Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries and Noise and co-author of Plan Your Estate.