Defenses Other than Invalidity, Noninfringement and Misuse


Martin J. Adelman

Chapter Summary


This chapter from Patent Law Perspectives examines court cases involving defenses other than invalidity, noninfringement, and misuse. Kraftco Corp. v. Beatrice Foods Co. is examined.

The chapter discusses laches, estoppel, and denial of injunctive relief. In Hughes Aircraft Co. v. General Instrument Corp., the defendant sought to bolster a claim of laches by tacking to its own a period of alleged infringement by its predecessor. The court rejected the attempt. It pointed out that as long as the infringement action was instituted within the six years of the statute of limitations the defense of laches would have no merit.

The chapter also covers failure to mark and mismarking. Finally the chapter addresses notice. The chapter looks at several cases, including Ingersoll-Rand Co. v. Brunner & Lay, Inc., where the Florida district court held that the mere sending of a letter from the patent owner notifying the defendant of the issuance of its patent on the “fully threaded” drill rod, at a time when the defendant had knowingly copied and was producing the fully threaded drill rod, constituted adequate actual notice of infringement.

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