Book Title:

New York Practice (Hornbook) (Paperback)
by David D. Siegel

Editorial Review:

Book Description

This work is an introduction to the New York courts and their jurisdiction. Text covers the statute of limitations, personal jurisdiction, appearance, venue, parties, papers, pleadings, and motion practice. Also discusses accelerated judgment, provisional remedies, disclosure, pretrial incidents, judgment, and res judicata. In addition to expert commentary, footnote citations to leading court decisions are included.

About the Author

David D. Siegel is a Distinguished Professor of Law at the Albany Law School of Union University. In addition to teaching New York practice, federal jurisdiction and practice and conflict of laws, he writes practice commentaries for McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York, Annotated, writes the New York State Bar Association’s Law Digest and his monthly newsletter, Siegel’s Practice Review.