Medicare’s website at

The above site (The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare) is recommended by WORLDLawDirect for additional information regarding all aspects of Medicare including certain law-related issues. provides direct Internet access to your Medicare benefits, eligibility, enrollment (including prescription drug plans) and preventive health information – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit the site, sign up, and Medicare will mail you a password to allow you access to your personal Medicare information. also allows you to view your adjudicated claims information, access online forms and publications, and receive important messages from Medicare.

You may use to:

  • View claim status (excluding Part D claims),
  • Order a duplicate Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) or replacement Medicare card,
  • View eligibility, entitlement and preventive services information,
  • View enrollment information including prescription drug plans,
  • View or modify your drug list and pharmacy information,
  • View address of record with Medicare and Part B deductible status, and
  • Access online forms, publications and messages sent to you by CMS.

Medicare and You 2011

Medicare and You 2011, available in English and Spanish, contains important information about what’s new, health plans, prescription drug plans, and rights and protections to help people with Medicare review their coverage options and prepare to enroll in a new plan if they choose.

People with Medicare will get a geographic-specific version of the handbook in the mail this fall. There are 48 geographic-specific versions with drug and health plan comparison charts for particular states or regions.

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