Book Title:

Medical Malpractice Law and Litigation (West Legal Studies) (Paperback)
by Beth Walston-Dunham

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Book Description

This current and concise text presents a balanced approach to the study of medical malpractice in the United States.

Designed to encompass both early history and modern day principles, The Law of Medical Malpractice takes the reader from a brief history of civil liability for professional malfeasance to the anatomy of a lawsuit and the medical malpractice trial.

The author provides sample medical records, definitions of medical and legal terminology, and sample legal forms to enhance student comprehension of key concepts.

The text provides actual documents to give insight into real world cases and demonstrates how a case progresses from beginning to end. The many applications are based on true cases and provide an accurate depiction of medical malpractice as it exists today.

About the Author

Beth Walston-Dunham is a licensed attorney. Additionally, she is licensed in the United States Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit.