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Make Your Own Living Trust (Paperback)
by Denis Clifford (Author)

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Book Description

No other book covers living trusts better – or more simply – than this bestselling book.

Death may be inevitable, but probate doesn’t have to be. By creating a living trust, your property will bypass lengthy and expensive probate proceedings and go directly to the people you’ve designated, quickly and easily.

Make Your Own Living Trust explains how to create a living trust, transfer property to the trust and amend or revoke the trust at any time. Specifically, it covers how to:

  • create various living trusts, including an AB trust (also known as a “marital trust” or “bypass trust”)
  • transfer assets to your trust, including real estate, stocks and bonds, jewelry, art or a small business
  • name beneficiaries for all trust property
  • sign your document and make it legal
  • appoint someone to manage property left to minors or young adults
  • provide for trust property management if you become incapacitated
  • retain absolute control over trust property while you live

Completely updated and revised, the 8th edition covers the “disclaimer trust,” an excellent option if you’re not sure whether you need an AB trust. It also provides new information on the rise of state estate taxes.

Good in all states except Louisiana.

Most of us know that upon our demise, a succession of fees and taxes will eat into our estates – no matter their size – if we don’t plan now to protect them. Unfortunately, many of us still postpone this process because we hesitate to summon the outside legal assistance that’s traditionally been required.

The folks at Nolo Press have made it their mission to provide us with the means to complete a relatively uncomplicated official arrangement like this without lawyers, however, and their 8th edition of Make Your Own Living Trust offers hope even to the most hesitant among us.

With easy-to-follow instructions, helpful worksheets, and all of the forms necessary, attorney Denis Clifford shows both individuals and couples how to avoid otherwise inevitable delays and costs by preparing on their own to transfer their property directly to their designated heirs.

Clifford’s method involves the creation of a “living trust,” which is a basic legal entity that allows property to be simply passed along in this way immediately upon the death of the person who created it. He outlines advantages and drawbacks, and then clearly lays out the entire process. The excuses stop here. – Howard Rothman

The Wall Street Journal

“There are important differences between the trust-mill approach and that of such well-respected products as this Nolo book.”

Jan Rosen, The New York Times

“In Nolo you can trust. Denis Clifford clearly written book should prove an enormous help to families.”

Chicago Tribune

“If you think you can prepare your own living trust, an excellent books is Make Your Own Living Trust.”

About the Author

Denis Clifford, a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was an editor of The Law Review, is a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. He is the author of many Nolo titles including Quick and Legal Will Book, Nolo’s Simple Will Book and Make Your Own Living Trust and co-author of Plan Your Estate and A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples. He has been interviewed by such major media as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Money Magazine.