We have all heard stories of spectacular environmental disasters, like major oil spills and nuclear reactor accidents that have complex legal ramifications. But environmental law problems can also affect our day-to-day lives. You might find contamination in your own backyard and cleaning it up could be costly and have far-reaching consequences. Or a community group that wants to protect its neighborhood environment might be overwhelmed by complex environmental regulation. Some other common issues in environmental law include:

  • potential health or safety hazards in your neighborhood not being addressed;
  • removing, transporting and disposing of asbestos or other toxic substances from your home or property;
  • soil or water contamination complicating the sale or purchase of your property;
  • protecting the natural state of a wetlands area or prairie site;
  • air or water contamination causing health problems for your family or community;
  • purchasing, selling, or leasing property that has soil or water contamination caused by a previous owner;
  • erosion control regulations affecting your farming operation;
  • city or towns rezoning and adversely affecting residents;
  • owning property with a leaking storage tank or a spill.

If you are involved in any of those situations, you should consider contacting an attorney who has the skills and information to evaluate your situation and help you with this complex area of law.

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