I received an IRS notice. I’ve contacted the IRS, but the problem still hasn’t been fixed. What can I do?

Since October 1998 there has been a national toll-free IRS Problem Resolution Hotline, with assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may reach the IRS Problem Resolution Hotline by calling 1-877-777-4778 (1-877-PRP-IRSU).

The IRS Problem Resolution Hotline should not be used as a substitute for normal IRS procedures; most problems can be resolved through regular IRS channels. Some of the situations that could qualify you for help under the IRS Problem Resolution Program are:

  • If you must contact the IRS again on the same tax issue at least 30 days after the first IRS contact. Please give the IRS 60 days to process your original tax return or amended tax return or claim before contacting the IRS the first time;
  • If you must contact the IRS again because you have not received a response by the date the IRS promised, including dates promised on IRS forms and IRS letters; or
  • Any time the IRS established systems fail.

There are some situations that do not qualify for IRS Problem Resolution assistance. These areas include tax cases where an established IRS administrative or formal IRS appeal procedure is available and should be used.

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