I received an email stating I won 140,000 pounds from the National Lottery, P O box1010, Liverpool, L70 1NL, United Kingdom. I live in the USA. Sent back a verification email to them and Greyhound couriers. Greyhound couriers say in their email all your winning documents (which includes your certificate and a covering document, money laundering protection and letter of affidavit for claims) from the British government, stating the money was obtained legally through the national lotto will be sent to you as soon as you meet with any of the options below, which are: having it sent fedex which costs 982.86 dollars #2 UPS 907.20 dollars or #3 Greyhound Priority Express for 762.20 dollars. My question: Is it legal for me to accept this from them here in the US?


This is a common scam normally to get you to send fees etc. and no such winnings in fact exist. You may report this to the FBI as well to confirm. And see the many articles on the Internet about this.

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