Book Title:

Information Privacy Law (Hardcover)
by Daniel J. Solove, Marc Rotenberg, Paul M. Schwartz

Editorial Review:

From the Publisher

Now this rapidly evolving area of law finally has the text it deserves. Written by two of the field’s leading figures, this book’s readings and cases cover the full range of privacy issues, from Megan’s Law to employee monitoring to genetic privacy. It also includes the first extensive coverage of several important topics, especially in such key areas as medical privacy and international law.

Information Privacy Law includes insightful analysis of all the major cases including Bartnicki v. Vopper, Watchtower Bible v. Village of Stratton, United States v. Kyllo, McVeigh v. Cohen, United States v. Kennedy, Doe v. 2TheMart, United States v. Simons, and others.

Information Privacy Law also includes explanations of key statutes and regulations such as the Freedom of Information Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, European Union Data Protection Directive, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and more.