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Incorporate Your Business: A Legal Guide To Forming A Corporation In Your State 3rd Edition (Paperback)
by Anthony Mancuso (Author)

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Book Description

Set up a corporation, skip the lawyer, save money!

Incorporate Your Business lays out everything you need to know about corporate laws and regulations in your state, clearly explaining:

  • why and when to incorporate
  • what you need to know about corporate taxation
  • whether to elect S corporation tax status
  • how to incorporate an existing business

Plus, you can save thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees by incorporating a business yourself. Incorporate Your Business guides you through each step. In the end, your business will enjoy a number of advantages, including:

  • Limited Liability – Incorporating your business limits personal liability for business debts – this means owners are not normally financially liable for business debts and court judgments.
  • Tax Advantages – You can split business income between yourself and your corporation, thereby lowering income taxes.
  • Access to Capital – Corporations have better access to private venture capital than any other type of business. They are also well positioned to raise capital by selling shares to the public.
  • Employee Perks – The owners of a corporation who work for the business are treated as employees. They can take advantage of tax-deductible, corporate-paid benefits such as: pension plans, stock-option and stock bonus plans, medical expense reimbursement, term life insurance coverage and more.

Incorporate Your Business provides the forms you need as tear-outs and on CD-ROM, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, stock certificates and resolutions. The 3rd edition provides the latest federal laws, plus the current laws, rules and procedures of your state.