You are certainly not required to use an attorney when buying a home and many if not most home buyers do not hire an attorney. You should discuss this issue with your real estate agent and title company.

If you do decide to purchase a house without using a lawyer, consider the following:

  • Choose your title company carefully and get references.
  • See whether the title company will let you use an older survey and inspect the property for changes instead of using a new survey.
  • Insist on getting closing cost estimates up front.
  • Discuss the purchase of your home with friends and relatives who have been through the home-buying process (preferably in the geographical area where you are purchasing)-you will learn much about customs, prices and procedures in the region.
  • If you do decide that you want a lawyer to help with your house closing, ask for an upfront estimate of the cost-and consider asking for a fixed fee representation.

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