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Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, and Stay Out of Trouble! (Small Time Operator) (Paperback)
by C.P.A., Bernard B. Kamoroff

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Book Description

Most people dream about someday owning a business, but dreams are often no match for the reality of the red tape and regulations involved in actually getting a business up and running. Small Time Operator shows the way.

The most popular start-up guide ever written, it covers every aspect of small business ownership, including getting the proper permits and licenses; financing; choosing a location; creating an effective business plan; whether or not to incorporate; recordkeeping; setting up a bookkeeping system; hiring employees; insurance; federal, state, and local taxes; dealing with the IRS; franchises; doing business on the Internet; and much more.

This new edition has been updated to reflect current changes in the tax code and business management principles. Clearly written and fun to read, the book breaks down the seemingly complex process of opening a business into a simple step-by-step procedure – and helps turn the small business dream into reality.

Midwest Book Review

The new, fully updated edition of a classic presents all the nuts and bolts of building a business; from obtaining initial permits and licenses to locating financing, finding the right business location, developing a bookkeeping system, and hiring employees. This newly updated ‘bible’ of the industry continues to reflect the latest thinking in tax and business management.