Employment law encompasses everything related to the workplace itself as well as the treatment of employees. A case can be brought on behalf of an employee, but whatever the dispute, each side must have professional legal representation in order to achieve a resolution. Solicitors and legal firms will often specialise in this kind of law as the specifics of employment law can be rather complicated, and each case is considered unique. Although legal firms which represent the employee often receive greater coverage, the employer also benefits from legal counsel. This is especially true for a small business which may feel it can’t afford to represent itself but, in fact, legal firms which specialise in employment law are able to effectively handle the representation of any company, regardless of its size.

For the Employee

When a solicitor represents the interest of the employee, they must first establish whether or not a case has merit. Employees may feel as though they have been treated poorly or that some aspect of employment law has been broken when, in fact, it hasn’t. Employment law can be complicated, and often, it requires a trained eye backed by experience in order to assess a case properly. Employment solicitors are able to look at a case from every angle in order to not only determine whether any laws have been broken, but also to determine the likelihood of a successful outcome.

For the Employer

When an employee brings forward a formal complaint, the employer must respond. Sometimes, a company may initially want to handle such issues on their own, but retaining the services of an employment solicitor is the best way to handle the problem quickly and with as little hassle as possible. It’s possible to resolve the issue without going to court. Even when a case goes to court, sometimes there is still the possibility for it to be resolved quickly. UK settlement agreements, for example, can be used to resolve a dispute within the United Kingdom court system before a verdict is rendered. These agreements are exactly what they sound like – an agreement which each side finds to be reasonable and fair. Ideally, this is how many solicitors wish to resolve a case as it provides a relatively quick and painless way to deal with it once and for all.

Employment solicitors are often sought out by employees who feel they may have a case, but these legal firms are also well-equipped the handle the needs of employers as well. Employment law can be difficult to interpret, and the legal system itself can be overwhelming and confusing to the average layperson. Although many people may initially want to represent themselves, it is important to take the time to at least consult with a specialist in employment law. Consultations are usually done at no charge, and getting a professional perspective on a case can help not only to determine if a case is valid, but also to determine the best way to handle it.