Book Title:

Home Buying For Dummies, 3rd edition (Paperback)
by Eric Tyson (Author), Ray Brown (Author)

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Book Description

In the market for a home, but don’t know where to start? Not to worry! From financing, mortgages, and credit scores to closing the deal, bestselling real estate authors Eric Tyson and Ray Brown walk you step by step through the entire home-buying process.

Discover how to:

  • Harness the Internet to help in your search
  • Determine how much home you can afford
  • Select the right type of mortgage
  • Work with agents, brokers, lenders, and lawyers
  • Research neighborhoods and home values

This may be the best comprehensive guide for home buyers. Home Buying for Dummies is coauthored by Eric Tyson, author of several other books in the For Dummies series, and Ray Brown, a long-time real estate professional.

Like other books in the series, this one is an easy and even entertaining read. But it does not gloss over details in pursuit of simplicity. Home Buying for Dummies covers all the bases, providing clear explanations and reasonable judgments on how to select a mortgage, hire a real estate agent, find the right house, and negotiate a good deal.

The book goes further than most in providing helpful, specific information. For example, in discussing ways to save money for a future down payment, Home Buying for Dummies even includes the phone numbers for various mutual funds appropriate to different investment time frames.


The authors, experts in real estate and financial planning, provide information and advice on the home buying market and how to make wise decisions with solid financial planning. It is filled with tips on what, when and where to buy, and covers how to get the right people involved in the proceess, plus provides a handy checklist and helpful hints.

About the Author

Ray Brown, a real estate professional for more than 30 years, hosts a real estate radio show in San Francisco.