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The Health Care Provider’s Guide to Facing the Malpractice Deposition (Paperback)
by Constance G. Uribe, M.D.

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Healthcare providers are terrified when called to give a deposition. Often, they are offered little aid or don’t understand the rationale behind instructions. This book is the life vest to keep medical workers afloat through this process. Written by a physician and creator of The Inquisition Seminars lecture series, it explains differences in medical and legal reasoning, defines standard of care as a tool of plaintiff counsel, guides in understanding medical malpractice coverage, details the interrogation process and summarizes the pitfalls to which most healthcare personnel are oblivious.

An anesthesiologist chips a patient’s tooth during a difficult intubation. A surgeon leaves tiny abrasions on a patient’s abdomen during a delicate surgical procedure. And an operating room nurse accidentally nips a patient’s finger with a pair of scissors.

Not all of these examples of medical mistakes will result in malpractice suits. But for the ones that do, health care providers must invariably come to grips with facing the most important step in defending a medical malpractice lawsuit – the deposition phase. Whether or not a malpractice case ends in settlement or at trial, depositions are the most important pieces of evidence because a witness’ performance during this phase is literally carved in stone, and facts elicited from depositions often play a major role throughout the remainder of the litigation.

The Healthcare Providers Guide to Facing the Malpractice Deposition is the book that the medical work force will be too scared to be without.

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A general surgeon in private practice, Uribe explains how physicians can avoid being their own worst enemy at the initial deposition that may lead to malpractice litigation. She includes excerpts from actual depositions, and addresses such topics as law and legal thinking, the standards of care, body language, preparing for the deposition, and common forms of interrogation. For quick reference, she concludes with a list of ten sure ways to ensure total disaster.

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Author is a general surgeon in private practice. Designed to equip those in the health care industry with the tools necessary to come out of a malpractice deposition with as few ‘bruises’ as possible. Topics include law and legal thinking, standard of care, preparing for the deposition, and common forms of interrogation. Softcover.