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Futures & Options For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance) (Paperback)
by Joe M.D. Duarte (Author)

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Book Description

The investor’s friendly, easy guide to getting to know futures and options Futures & Options For Dummies offers information about the types of futures readers can invest in and research, how to use technical analyses in relation to the futures and options market, how to safely invest in managed future funds, and basic information on financial futures and commodities. In addition, the book explains the risks and rewards involved in futures trading, offers helpful pointers and tips, shares advice on how to look for a broker, and walks the reader through making a trade. Investors, day traders, and stock owners who want a good, but not too technical, take on futures and options will love this simple, friendly guide.

Joe Duarte, MD (Dallas, TX), is a registered investment advisor, and President of River Willow Capital Management, where he manages individual client accounts.

From the Back Cover

Earn more money – start trading futures and options.

Packed with helpful information on the futures market.

Even experienced investors need help understanding the world of futures and options. Thankfully, Futures & Options For Dummies explains all the risks and rewards in futures trading, and gives you nuts-and-bolts advice for getting started. From technical analysis to finding a broker, this straightforward, easy-to-read guide covers it all.

Discover how to:

  • Choose the right broker
  • Analyze market data
  • Develop effective stock option strategies
  • Trade financial and commodities futures
  • Use market sentiment to your advantage

About the Author

Dr. Joe Duarte is a leading independent analyst focusing on intelligence, energy, and geopolitics, and their effects on the financial markets.