The following forms are available. Our lawyers can assist to:

  • Set up a partnership;
  • Set up a corporation, either a company limited by shares (“AG”) or a limited liability company (“GmbH”);
  • Set up a branch office;
  • Set up a joint venture (partnership or corporation);
  • Acquire an existing company in Switzerland (partnership or corporation);
  • Create a (Strategic) alliance with or without a capital investment.

NOTE: Limited liability company (“GmbH”)

The limited liability company (“GmbH”) is a smaller version of the “AG”, and is becoming increasingly popular for small and medium-sized companies. Each partner contributes to the company capital, and is liable only to the extent of the company’s registered capital.

Advantages of the limited liability company over the “AG”:

  • The company is a legal entity in which two or more persons or trading companies form a separate company with a predefined amount of capital (company capital).
  • Lower minimum capital (CHF 20,000) and structural costs.
  • Simple and brief articles of incorporation.
  • Only two founding members are required (persons or trading companies).
  • The “GmbH” company can later be managed as a sole proprietorship.
  • The founders can themselves act as the corporate bodies (i.e. no board of directors is required).
  • Auditors are optional.

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