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Nolo’s Encyclopedia Of Everyday Law: Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions (Paperback)
by Shae Irving (Editor)

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Midwest Book Review

Every now and then we all need the answer to a particular legal question arising from the course of our daily life such as: What can I do about my noisy neighbor? What are my rights if I’m fired? Do I really need to make a will? Attorney Shae Irving’s Nolo’s Everyday Law Book provides answers to the most frequently asked legal questions and does so in plain English free of jargon or “lawyerese”.

Whether its a question of neighbors, tenant’s rights, workplace rights, small business, money, traveling, old age, cars or driving, the Nolo’s Everyday Law Book is the layman’s quick and easy reference guide.

Orlando Sentinel

Nolo’s Everyday Law Book uses a question-and-answer format to cover a wide range of everyday legal issues.

Library Journal

Practical examples, explanations of legal principles, and useful tips.

Seattle Times

Those books that are useful to any human being on the planet… Nolo Press, the kings of legal self-help.

Book Description

How do I get a collection agency to stop harassing me? What exactly is a limited liability company? Do I need a living trust? If I work 50 hours a week shouldn’t I be getting overtime? What can I do if my ex won’t pay child support?

Like it or not, the law affects practically every aspect of our lives, and legal questions come up daily. Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law, a handy, information-packed resource, has the answers.

Written by Nolo’s expert team of attorneys, it brings together answers to hundreds of the most frequently asked legal questions on issues you face every day, including:

  • credit and debt
  • workplace rights
  • wills
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • social security
  • tenants’ rights
  • child custody and visitation
  • adoption
  • and much more

The 6th edition is completely updated to provide the lastest in the law.

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Compiled by Nolo’s team of attorney-editors and written in our straightforward, plain-English style, this book provides answers to the legal questions that come up every day. Organized by topic, it steers readers clear of legal potholes involving: divorce, credit, workplace rights, wills, estate planning, lemon laws, child support, criminal law, patent, copyrights and trademarks, and much more.

From the Publisher

For 30 years, Nolo has been publishing the most reliable, self-help legal tools available. Our more than 300 books, software and eProducts are regularly updated and written in plain English, so that you can tackle your legal affairs without calling a pricey attorney. And if you do need to call a lawyer, we’ll be the first ones to tell you.

About the Author

Shae Irving graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley in 1993. She did a brief stint at a San Francisco law firm before she turned and ran screaming toward Nolo. She is the co-author of the Legal Manual that accompanies Nolo’s WillMaker software. In addition, she edits many Nolo titles, including Nolo’s Everyday Law Book, Nolo”s Pocket Guide to California Law and Estate Planning Basics.Kathleen Michon graduate Cum Laude from Northwestern University School of Law in 1993. Prior to joining Nolo’s editorial staff, she was the Directing Attorney of Public Counsel’s Consumer Rights Project. She is the editor of Nolo’s debt and credit books, including Credit Repair and Money Troubles, and is co-author of How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.