Book Title:

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court (Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court National Edition) (Paperback)
by Ralph E. Warner, Linda Allison (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews:

Associated Press

Step-by-step advice on how to prepare your case, how to file it, and perhaps most importantly, how to collect if you win.

Los Angeles Times

Takes you by the hand through all the potential pitfalls of trying your own case.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

Walks you through the halls of small justice and explains how to file a claim, figure damages and argue your case effectively.

Book Description

The only guide to small claims court that provides insights from judges.

Smart preparation for your day in small claims court can make the difference between writing a check and receiving one.

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court provides the information, tips and strategies you need to sue someone successfully, or put up a winning defense.

Find out how to:

  • write a demand letter
  • file and serve papers
  • prepare a winning presentation
  • prepare evidence
  • line up persuasive witnesses
  • figure out your damages
  • mediate a settlement
  • collect money when you win

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court gives you down-to-earth examples of common cases, including:

  • auto repair
  • rental deposit
  • auto warranty
  • property damage
  • small business disputes

The 11th edition is completely updated to include the latest procedures for small claims courts in every state and Washington, D.C. Plus, it now includes useful, practical comments by judges who’ve seen it all.

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Go after the money that’s owed you – represent yourself in small claims court and win!

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court gives you the step-by-step instructions and plain-English legal information you need to bring or defend a case with maximum success. From preparing evidence and witnesses to making a presentation in court, you’ll learn how to: decide if you have a good case, determine how much to sue for, write your demand letter, mediate a settlement before it goes to court, file and serve papers, prepare and present a winning case.

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court gives you down-to-earth examples of common cases, including: auto repair, rental deposit, auto warranty, property damage and small business disputes.

About the Author

Ralph “Jake” Warner stepped aside as day-to-day manager of Nolo in 2004, after 32 years as president of the company. Widely regarded as a pioneer of the self-help law movement, Warner founded Nolo with Ed Sherman in 1972. He began publishing do-it-yourself law books written by him and his colleagues after numerous publishers rejected them. When personal computers came along, he added software to many Nolo books. When the Internet arrived, he pioneered online marketing of books.

In addition to running the company, Warner was an active editor and author. He wrote many books, including Get a Life: You Don’t Need a Million to Retire Well and How to Run a Thriving Business. Today, he serves as chairman of Nolo’s board of directors. He has also embarked on a new business venture: TallTales Audio, an audio book production company devoted to children’s storytelling, online and on CD.