DV 2013

DV 2013 is the next American visa lottery program that is going to accept online entries through the E-DV application form this year for the fiscal year 2013 which is going to provide 50,000 immigrant visas to eligible people.

DV 2012 Program

DV 2012 is the name for the American Government’s official visa lottery program which had already accepted entries for the fiscal year 2012. In some countries this program is known as 2012 American Green card lottery. The official web site did offered the online entry forms from 5th of October 2010 and was closed on 3rd November 2010 after 30 days of accepting period.

DV 2011 Visa Lottery Results

DV 2011 Applicants who were selected for the program were sent with their winning notifications from May till July 2010 through the normal postal mail. Nearly 100,600 winners were selected by the computer random draw from the registered 12.1 million entries. Winners are now being called for the interviews from 1st of October 2010 according to the case numbers. This will continue till the visas exhaust or till the program closes officially on 30th September 2011.