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Q: Hello, I bought a porcelain item in an ebay auction which I received damaged. It was damaged whilst being sent in the post. The person involved sent the porcelain after I paid for it (which was very delicate) with insufficient padding, protection. The porcelain broke due to this. The package was sent in its original box (which is very weak and easily bent) with no outer box or padding with only a single layer of thin bubble wrap to surround the item. The item was not insured and the seller says it is my fault as I didn’t take insurance and will not refund the money. I say that he is negligent of providing sufficient and acceptable amount of packaging for this type of item. I cannot get help from ebay as they do not help anyone with a problem after 60 days of the auction ending. I received the item after 60 days of the auction ending in which I paid within 7 days. Please can you help in any way.

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A: Our attorneys will cause the person to resolve the issue and pay you, but we do charge basic fees for all eBay dispute issues. In some cases, you may be better off simply lodging a complaint against the seller for others to see. You could also possibly file an action in small claims court without the use of an attorney. If none of these solutions helps you, please let us know…

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