Domain Name Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically the address of your site on the Internet. You need to register a domain name before your web site becomes accessible at that address.

Why do I need to register a domain name?

Registering a domain name for your business or organization is essential to your marketing efforts. A domain name gives your business a unique identity on the World Wide Web.

How will I be able to tell if my desired domain name is already taken?

When you begin registering a domain name, you can search the domain name database (known as “WHOIS“) to see if your requested domain name is available. If the domain request comes up with “no match” you will then be able to register that domain name.

How do I change my domain name?

Once a domain name is registered, it is unchangeable. Instead, you can register the different domain name you want and stop using the one you don’t.

What is involved with transferring a domain name?

The process for transferring a domain name is different for many companies. If you received an account number and password when you registered your current domain name, that information will make the transfer go faster.

What is Domain Name Re-direction service?

Domain Name Re-direction allows you to use your new domain name to access or view your existing site. With re-direction service your new domain name is displayed in the address bar to the user. For example, if you have an existing site (, and you have acquired a new domain name or an additional domain name (, re-direction is a perfect way to get your traffic re-directed to your current site and users will only see your new domain name ( in the address bar.

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