District Export Councils, CS, ITA
U.S. Department of Commerce


The District Export Councils (DECs) contribute leadership and international trade expertise to complement the U.S. Commercial Service’s export promotion efforts through counseling businesses on the exporting process and conducting trade education and community outreach.

About District Export Councils

The District Export Councils are organizations of leaders from local business com­munities whose knowledge of international business provides a source of professional advice for local firms. Closely affiliated with USEACs, the 58 DECs nationwide combine the energies of more than 1,500 volunteers to supply expertise to small and medium-sized businesses in their local communities that are interested in exporting.

For example, DECs organize seminars that make trade finance understandable and accessible to small export­ers, host international buyer delegations, design export resource guides, and create export assistance partnerships to strengthen the support given to local businesses.

DEC members volunteer their time to sponsor and participate in numerous trade promotion activities, as well as to supply specialized expertise to small and medium-sized businesses that are interested in exporting.

The National Steering Committee, together with the regional DEC executive committees, government leaders, and international trade experts work with the membership to create an annual strategic plan to build concensus on important legislative issues that involves all members in mission fulfillment.


For more information on DECs, call 800-USA-TRAD(E) (800-872-8723), or visit www.export.gov.